36 Hours of Lake Fun

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Welcome to Fairfield Bay!

You’re a Lake Lover! Your love of the water is so deep that some people may joke you were born a fish. From canoeing to skiing, you can’t get enough waterplay. Your idea of the perfect getaway is a big body of water with pristine views, and we think you’ll find exactly what you seek at Fairfield Bay. From prime accommodations, to the best an Ozark Mountain Lake has to offer, you’ll consider The Bay your home away from home.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.49.28 AMToday is your introduction to Fairfield Bay. And no better way to start than by down- loading the FREE app at FairfieldBayApp.com. Next, get an overview of all The Bay has to offer at the Conference, Arts & Visitor Center. Then, why wait? Get your lake adventure started with your own self-guided lake tour.

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Today is your introduction to Fairfield Bay. You’ll get an overview of all The Bay has to offer at the Conference & Visitor Center. Then, why wait? Get your lake adventure started with your own self-guided lake tour and some ‘grab & go’ meals as the sun sets.

1. Your Landing Pad — Conference and Visitor Center 1 p.m.
You’ll arrive at Fairfield Bay eager to set up camp and start your adventures, but make time to stop at the recently renovated Conference & Visitor Center. Pick up area information and maps, and chat with center staff, who are ready to serve as your personal concierge; they can make reservations for all sorts of boats –ski, kayak, fishing, paddle, pontoon—as well as dinner reservations, and other tours. You may meet some locals who may invite you to join them on their boat, or to meet them later for dinner. That’s how The Bay is…no strangers, just friends yet to be made. We promise it will be difficult to tear yourself away with views from the deck or the club chairs by the fireplace, but you can always come back later to enjoy the gallery or a performance.

The Fairfield Bay Marina is open year round and has close to 400 slips to accommodate many types of lake and fishing boats. Boat rentals available along with kayaks, paddleboats and SUP (stand up paddle boards). Check out all this full service marina has to offer – 501-884-6030.

2. Set Up Camp 2:30 p.m.
Consider Camping or RVing? You certainly may after Fairfield Bay’s Marina. The camp and RV sites are incredible. Or, settle into one of many golf course or lake view accommodations offered, located throughout the Bay. We are certain you’ll make friends with your neighbors, and you all can head down to the water for an orientation to the marina.







3. Sunshine, Splashing & Shoretime Fun 3 p.m.
You’re in for a treat. Mosey down to the marina and take a whirl around the shop, offering everything from postcards to fishing pails. Drop a line now… a fishing line that is. Play a little – grab a kayak or paddleboat, and make sure to say hi to some locals who can provide insider tips for the best fishing and swimming holes on the lake.

You can always grab a cold beverage and a snack at the marina to tide you over until supper. Enjoy your snacks on a nearby bench to take in the gorgeous afternoon sun over Greers Ferry Lake. Finish reviewing the information you picked up at the conference center or simply take in the views. Feel any pre-vacation tension slip away as the water laps the shores. If you prefer to stretch your legs, take a walk to the shore; maybe you’ll catch some late afternoon fishermen bringing in the day’s catch, or some folks getting a last water ski in before nightfall.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.00.10 PM4. WaterPlay & Self-Guided Tour 4:30 p.m.
Get your lake adventure started with your own self-guided lake tour.  The friendly marina staff can get you all set up: boat rentals, souvenir t-shirts, sunscreen, map and you’re ready to take off. Ask about where you can see the beautiful cliffs and maybe see a few cliff divers. Or, just a few coves where many of the lake families gather for some fun cove parties. Search out the eagle’s nest on Sugar Loaf Mountain. You might just see a majestic bald eagle. Now’s your time to get a lay of the land. Spectacular.

And when you get back from the lake adventure, a “must do” is the fish feeding frenzy. When you return the boat for the evening, get some fish food pellets and watch the frenzy ensue. Capture the moment with your picture at the “frenzy” photo board standee. Take a souvenir picture either in the Giant Fish Chair, or in the Fish Frenzy standee. It may be your family’s next holiday photo!

Good Morning!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.04.55 AMGood morning! Today is all about the beautiful outdoor paradise that is Fairfield Bay. If you find yourself awake before dawn, watch the sunlight creep through the trees and take in some pre-dawn bird watchng. If you aren’t “unplugged” for the weekend, check the Fairfield Bay eNews Blog for any last-minute special tours, activities and offers.

5. Morning Stroll 8 a.m.
After breakfast, get your blood moving with a visit to one of The Bay’s gardens – such as beautiful Ed Leamon Park, where the Master Gardeners work their magic almost daily. Check out the butterfly garden and see where the Fairies live and play.

Two popular trails are the Indian Rock Cave Trail and the Indian Falls Trail. The Indian Falls Trail is just under a mile in length, and is a moderate trail with a beautiful path along the rim of Wild Horse Canyon. With two rock formations and two waterfalls, it’s a bright way to start your day. The trail ends at Indian Falls, the larger of the two. Follow Dave Creek Parkway to the Methodist Church turn right on West Cliff Drive next to the church. You can see the trail entrance on the right after you pass Riverview Drive. Do be careful when the trail is wet and mindful that the trail does get close to the canyon’s edge in a few spots.

Don't miss the BayView Pool with it's stunning view of the lake and poolside dining from the new Cool Pool Cafe.

Don’t miss the BayView Pool with its stunning view of the lake and poolside dining from the new Cool Pool Cafe.

6. The Coolest Pool and Cafe Around 10:30 a.m. Enjoy the breathtaking lake view when you take a dip in the BayView pool or watch your little ones splash around the walk-in kiddie pool. Grab a souvenir at the cabana.

Cool off at the new Cool Pool Cafe, adjacent to the BayView Pool – where casual and cool come together. Guests will enjoy either poolside or indoor dining; both offer spectacular views of the lake. Inside, guests can cool off under the giant fan with ice cream, a cool beverage or cafe food. Parents may also choose to have their lunches belly up to the bar that looks out of the large front window, so they can watch their children in the pool but stay cool inside.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.00.19 PM7. Waterplay at The Bay 12:30 p.m.
Today’s your day for some BIG water play. Many Arkansans consider Greers Ferry to be the best lake in the state. Swimming, paddle boards, CraigCat, Hobie Eclipses, paddle boats, fishing, skiing and kayaking are just some of the activities that the marina area offers.

Rent a Tri-toon pontoon boat and enjoy the power of a ski boat with the comfort and space of a pontoon. Jet skis are also available if you’re more of a thrillseeker.

8. Sugar Loaf Mountain Island 4:30 p.m.
Since you’re on the lake and have been skiing all around this majestic mountain in the middle – why not climb ashore and go exploring! Take a hike to the top of beautiful Sugar Loaf Mountain – one of the nation’s first historic trails. The mile hike up the mountain is completely worth the effort. At the top, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Greers Ferry Lake in all its splendor. If you haven’t rented a boat, consider taking the Sugar Loaf Shuttle out to the mountain (check the schedule at Marina) as part of your Day 3 adventure. Oh… be sure to post your photos and experiences to Fairfield Bay’s Facebook page. Get to know all the trails better. Take a look at The Bay Trails.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.00.32 PMYet another option is the recreation center—a full afternoon’s adventure in itself. Eight tennis courts (lighted, so you can enjoy an evening sunset ‘set’) wait for you; racquets can be checked-out for a nominal fee. Kids playground, outdoor grills and picnic areas are available, and don’t forget the pool – a cool refreshment on a summer’s afternoon.

The end of a perfect day is captured in the warm light of the setting sun by one of Fairfield Bay’s professional photographers, Jeff Beer. Take time for a family photo right across from the Conference & Visitor Center.

9. Evening Picnic 6 p.m.
If you opted for the recreation center, you can prep your own supper on the big party grill. Or, if you are at the lake, enjoy your picnic dinner on the water or ashore as you watch another gorgeous summer’s day come to an end in the Ozarks.

10. It’s About Entertainment 8 p.m.
If you’re still craving entertainment, The Bay offers many options: bowling, a game of pool, or karaoke. The amphitheater often features live shows. See what’s happening at the BayView pool and Cool Pool Cafe, or you may be lucky enough to catch a “Dive In” movie at the Cool Pool Cafe, or an Our Towne live production at the Conference and Visitor Center.

11. Nighty Night 10 p.m.
It’s time to hit the hay after your adventures. Let the tree frogs and crickets sing you a lullaby. Sweet dreams!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.09.36 AMYou’ll awake to marvel at how quickly your stay is going! You have just a few hours to take in all the Bay has to offer before heading home.

12. Sip or Paddle? 8 a.m.
Linger over breakfast, coffee and the paper? Or head out for an early morning on the lake? Or both? You may have picked up some tips from the locals on the best place for an early morning fishing or kayak trip. For an invigorating start to your day, take in a swim or paddle board on the lake.

Don’t miss the photo op on the Giant Fish Chair at Fairfield Bay Marina.

13. Rambling Cove’s Razorback 10:00 a.m.
Enjoy a fun family hike. Pick up the trail head near the entrance to the marina and hike the Rambling Cove Trail. Look for a BIG rock that not only looks like a razorback, but is painted too.

The trail is fairly flat then steepens somewhat to its end with a beautiful scenic view of Fairfield Bay’s Marina – a lovely little cove on Greers Ferry Lake. Or you might want to tackle ActionFit Exercise Equipment on the quarter mile paved loop trail. Or get the kids out on the new playground at the trail’s entrance.

14. One More Taste to Remember 12 p.m.
Grab a scrumptious burger, soup, salad or special plate of the day. The Little Red Restaurant at Indian Hills Golf Resort also has some amazing desserts. Take something special for the road. Soak it all in.

15. Bye, Bye Bay 1:30 p.m.
Finish your stay where you started, the marina. The Fairfield Bay Marina ship  store has everything you need for a cold drink and some last minute souvenirs. Say goodbye to the locals you made friends with and, as you head out of town, grab a picture in the iconic Giant Blue Chair.