Board of Directors – Regular Meeting, June 27, 2017



JUNE 27, 2017


The Regular Meeting of the Fairfield Bay Community Club Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room at Indian Hills Complex.

Directors in attendance: President Jack Weeks, Bill Fisher, Dave Foster, Terri Hargrove, Ken Schuette, and Rose Shurts. Lacey Mitchell was absent.

Rocky Nickles, General Manager, and Tommy Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer, were in attendance.

President Weeks lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.

There were seven managers in attendance. There were no guests.

17-52 Motion was made by Terri Hargrove, seconded by Rose Shurts, and unanimously carried to accept the Regular Minutes of May 23, 2017, as presented.

Tommy Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer, gave the Financial Report.

The Mangers Reports were given.

There were no Contacts by Owner to a Board Member to be reported.

Terri Hargrove reported the Idea Incubator was pleased with the number of vendors that set up at the marina for Surf the Bay. She thanked the Board and staff.

Dave Foster reported Team 2035 will meet on July 10, 2017. Mr. Foster reported he contacted Representative Trevor Drown and Senator Missy Irvin and asked that they encourage Governor Hutchinson to hold a Special Session and consider placing a tax on internet sales.

Mike Doyle, has resigned as the Executive Director of the Fairfield Bay Community Foundation due to health problems. Bob Berdine has been appointed as the new Executive Director.

One of the middle tennis courts is being repurposed for pickle ball. It will be ready for play next week.

Bill Fisher reported there are two trees behind #3 Fire Station and one tree between Osage Point and the #3 Fire Station that need to be removed. Mr. Nickles said the logger will take care of them.

17-53 Motion was made by Bill Fisher, seconded by Terri Hargrove, and unanimously carried to approve a Capital Expenditure for the Indian Hills Golf Maintenance to purchase needed Rainbird items to upgrade the irrigation system on the golf course at a cost of $6,162.75.

Maps have been completed for the UTV trails. There are some trails that still need to be cleaned. An area has been identified to make a picnic area in the future.

17-54 There was a lengthy discussion on the perks policy for Firemen and EMS relating to the use of boats at the Fairfield Bay Marina in the Executive meeting.  . Motion was made by Dave Foster, seconded by Rose Shurts, and unanimously carried that effective July 1, 2017 the following policy will be in effect:


 Perks for Board Members and Spouses, Department Heads, and Fire and Rescue (not including families) shall include annual greens fees pass at Club golf course; As of February 26, 2016 Rescue and Fire no longer receive an annual greens fees pass at Club golf course. For Board members and their Spouses Only: Board members and their spouses are eligible for free golf (cart not included) during the Board members term of office. Annual fees are charged from March 1 to March 1. If a Board member has paid his/her annual greens fee when they come on the Board they should be given a pro-rated refund beginning the day after the annual meeting which is held the third week of July each year. When their term is complete they will owe for the remainder of year until the following March 1; free use of tennis courts owned by the Club; free use of designated boats at the Marina when boats are available – boats for free use will be designated at the beginning of each year by management.  From April through October use is limited to 4 hours per week Monday – Thursday and no holidays.  Free use boats cannot be reserved.  The interested party must call the day of and ask for a boat that must be put in use within 4 hours.  If a boat not on the free list is desired, it can be rented for the full rental price less a 50% discount.  If the interested party wants to reserve a boat or use it Friday through Sunday, they must rent the boat at full price less their normal discount.  From November through March daily use limit does not apply.  Also, free use boats are available Monday through Sunday.  Rules for not free boats and reservations still apply.  The user is responsible for the payment for fuel used, must leave identification as deposit, member must be in party using boat; exception Department Heads may use on week-ends or holidays with no more than a 4 hour advance reservation depending on availability and at the discretion of the Marina Manager due to anticipated needs for rentals; 25% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages, limited to board member and accompanying spouse, Department Heads and Fire and Rescue members only. Board Members and Department Managers are also issued an annual membership pass for miniature golf at Woodland Mead Park. Pass will include Board Members and Department Managers and members of their immediate families (under 18, living at home). Volunteers who are members of the Club must be “members in good standing” to be eligible



Ken Schuette expressed his opinion that the Board should look at adding additional stalls at the marina, and talk with the City about cost of repairs to roads.

The next Regular Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, at 3:00 p.m.

17-55 There being no further business to bring before the Board, a motion was made by Rose Shurts, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried to adjourn.




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