Fairfield Bay Tennis Center

In 2007, the Community Club began a 5 year program to reconstruct the Tennis Courts at the Fairfield Bay Tennis Center using state of the art materials and methods. This project along with replacement and improvements to lighting and landscaping will return the Fairfield Bay Tennis Center to the prominence it once held as the finest center for Tennis in the region. Learn more…

Recreation Department

The Community Club has rebuilt the main pool at the Bay View Club with a fantastic children’s pool feature. Other major repairs and improvements have been made to the swimming pools at Mountain Ranch and Hamilton Cove. The Championship Miniature Golf Course has been a terrific addition. We are working to develop a better network of hiking and biking trails in order to utilize one of the major resources, which is the natural beauty of the area. Learn more…

Indian Hills Golf Course

In order to continue to offer world class golfing to our members, ongoing course maintenance remains a priority. Our future goals include the continuation of the resurfacing of all cart paths, and a plan is being developed to rebuild the greens and tee-boxes on a number of holes over the next few years. In addition, we are again looking at the requirements to build a practice range with a practice green and bunker to supplement the current “hitting cages”. Ongoing maintenance of our golf course requires a significant and continued reinvestment in equipment. Learn more…

Indian Hills Country Club

In 2009, there was a renovation and expansion of the kitchen area, adding more room for storage of equipment and tables and chairs. In addition, the Fairfield Room will also be remodeled and some structural changes made to the roof of the Country Club.

Fairfield Bay Marina

The Marina on Greers Ferry Lake has undergone a major renovation. Most boat slips have been replaced to conform with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements for proper flotation. The photo at right shows the construction in process, which has now been completed. Other changes will include removing some of the smaller uncovered, less desirable slips. Learn more…

Public Works Department

We hope to continue to improve on our road maintenance program in the Bay. Over $300,000 is planned for replacement of vehicles and heavy equipment over the next few years. An example of this is the replacement of the road grader at a cost of $180,000.

Cool Pool Cafe
Coming soon… Learn more…
Little Red Restaurant
Coming soon… Learn more…

Human Resources

Please follow our blog for the latest career opportunities and job openings with the Fairfield Bay Community Club.

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