Thanksgiving @ Top of the Rock

Company coming, the oven is broken and everyone is expecting turkey with stuffing, ham, chicken, and veggies, mashed potatoes/gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole.  Dessert (what are these people thinking, the ovens broken) – pecan pie, pumpkin pie.

Load the family in the car and head to Top of the Rock – we’ve got you covered, our ovens and chefs work just fine.  They’ll be up at 4 AM Thanksgiving day baking that turkey and ham.  We will be serving dinner at 11 AM and 1 PM.

Our prices are adults $19.95 and children under 12 – $9.95.  Call and make your reservation today.

For your laughing pleasure

I learned last Thanksgiving that you can’t bake a ham at room temperature.  No matter what it just won’t work.  The ham was beautiful.  The oven was heated, at least until I tried setting the timer.  That’s when I turned the oven off.  Three hours later the timer went off and the ham was cold but still beautiful.  Some things your husband just won’t let you forget.


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