What’s in Store for 2017?

Services & Safety
•    Add 1 new pickup and 1 new larger flatbed truck to the fleet
•    Replace police car and add a new ambulance
•    Install solar-powered compactor recycling bins at Woodland Mead Park (Grant secured)
•    Resurface Lost Creek Parkway (Grant request)
•    Remodel the front entrance Recreation & Events

Recreation & Events
•    New 10% discount on purchases at a Club property for Community Club members
•    Increase Recreational programming
•    Add one new trail, clearly mark existing trails and ensure all are cleared and passable
•    Repurpose the dining space at Cool Pool Cafe  into a souvenir shop/pool check in/arcade
•    Add 2 double decker pontoon boats, 2 larger wave runners, 24 boat slips at the marina