Our History

Fairfield Bay, Ozark Mountain Lake Resort & Community started as a dream in the mind of a young Dartmouth graduate nearly half a century ago. Since that time, the town has emerged into a premier destination for individuals to fulfill their own dreams. In the early 1960s, three Fort Smith, Arkansas residents, George Jacobus, Neal Simonson and Randolph Warner, envisioned a recreational and retirement resort town showcasing crystal clear water and stunning mountain scenery in a quite area somewhere in North Arkansas.

The men hired a retired cotton broker by the name of C.M. Owen to find a suitable location for their future paradise. The site was chosen along the north shore of a new, pristine Greers Ferry Lake. Greers Ferry Lake was formed by the Greers Ferry Dam of the Little Red River. The lake and dam were dedicated in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy in his last public appearance before his fateful trip to Dallas. The north shore of this 40,000 acre masterpiece became the ideal setting to make their dream come to life.

By 1965, the lake mountain community was established. The earliest days of Fairfield Bay were targeted at selling property to those who embraced the vision of a beautiful community, tucked in the Ozarks, on one of Arkansas’ most beautiful mountain lakes. All early activities centered around the Fairfield Bay Marina, which continues to be the hub for outdoor adventure in Fairfield Bay today. Read more about Greers Ferry Lake.

The addition of a golf course, tennis complex, pools, community and health centers, library, and other amenities built on the outdoor lifestyle this area offered. Eventually, the timeshare business saw Fairfield Bay as an irresistible location to offer their product, complete with a resort lifestyle, reaching more than 12,000 property owners and 200 timeshare units.

In 1993, the city of Fairfield Bay was formed and incorporated to provide additional city operating funds for the community. Today, Fairfield Bay showcases a community of individuals working together to maintain the dream envisioned almost 50 years ago. Residents enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors, a lifestyle of discovering new experiences, comfort in the proven safety, and the value of incredible adventures without the expense. Download FFB 50th Anniversary Book