Fairfield Bay Adventure Stops

Looking for a quick but fun-filled trip? Visit the following sites at Fairfield Bay and be amazed.

Big Welcome Chairs

Sit and say cheese. Sit back and enjoy life every day. It’s time to take an adventure in Fairfield Bay. 

Conference Center Art Gallery

Enjoy browsing the rich variety of stunning artwork by talented locals the adorn nearly every well. Come experience all the Bay has to offer for the art lover. 

Indian Rock House Cave

Explore an enchanting and beautiful glimpse into the underground world of Blanchard Springs.

Totem Pole

The American Totem Pole is one of the three unique carvings by our local craftsman, the Woodcarvers Unlimited. 

Butterfly Garden

A Gardener’s delight, this little oasis is home to rose gardens, butterfly gardens, and elusive fairy gardens! 

Mini Golf Fun Park

An activity for every member of the family. Go visit the course’s new friendly alligator, Gus. 

Cool Pool Cafe & Park

Here the sunglasses may be optional but the smiles are unavoidable!

Pet Fire Hydrants

Located all throughout the Bay, spread from in front of office buildings to out by the recycling plant – Fire Hydrants have been painted in tribune to man’s best friend! 

Action Packed Trails

Feeling energetic? At the trailhead, look for a big rock shaped like a Razorback, painted too! If you feel inspired? “Call the Hogs” to start your hike! 

Fish Feeding Frenzy

Greers Ferry Lake offers something for every speed. Beauty abounds on the water.