Front Row Seats for Spring

Welcome to Fairfield Bay! Spring in the Ozarks is truly magical. Nearly 1.2 million acres come to life after winter’s rest. Explore some of the 340 miles of shoreline of Greers Ferry Lake. Follow the eagles as they soar above the 1.2 million acre Ozark National Forest. Experience the burst of color with the blooming of the Spring Dogwoods and Red … [Read more...]

Hometown Proud!

I met with Captain of the Fairfield Bay Emergency Medical Services a couple of weeks ago. Before I even got out of my car, I could see how proud and dedicated Andrea Notz is. Sitting in her parking spot, her car had an EMS plate on the front and a similar hat sitting on the dashboard. At the time when we met, the nation was just now starting to … [Read more...]

Winter’s Playground at the Bay!

Welcome to Fairfield Bay! This Winter Paradise Vacation has something for everyone. ‘Venture Out’ and explore the beauty, or ‘Cozy Up’ for some indoor comfort. The choice is yours! 1. Conference, Arts and Visitor Center 1 p.m. Fairfield Bay Conference & Visitor Center is your home base! Recently renovated, the Center is a … [Read more...]

36 Hours of Golf ~ Play On!

Playing from dawn to dusk. And in 36 hours, you'll have only scratched the surface on the challenging greens, forested fairways and beautiful signature holes. Championship mini or disc golf offer after hours relaxation. A beautiful taste of Fairfield Bay’s greenest adventure. Welcome to Fairfield Bay Today is your introduction to Fairfield Bay. … [Read more...]

Relax, Smile, It’s Summer

Welcome to Fairfield Bay! Today, you’ll start at the Conference & Visitor Center to get an overview of all The Bay has to offer, and then dip your toe into the refreshing lake as you begin to relax and take in the spectacular views. Dive into summer at Fairfield Bay. Whether it’s water play like skiing, tubing and fishing, or relaxation on … [Read more...]

36 Hours of Lake Fun

Welcome to Fairfield Bay! You’re a Lake Lover! Your love of the water is so deep that some people may joke you were born a fish. From canoeing to skiing, you can’t get enough waterplay. Your idea of the perfect getaway is a big body of water with pristine views, and we think you’ll find exactly what you seek at Fairfield Bay. From prime … [Read more...]

Framing and framing

Cobblestone progress report... Getting so exciting. … [Read more...]

Cobblestone Inn & Suites is on the “Rise”

Check out the exciting progress.     -   … [Read more...]

New Home Growth in Fairfield Bay

Join us Thur April 26th for the official groundbreaking ceremony. Check out the Facebook Event for the Groundbreaking ceremony. Fairfield Bay is experiencing a period of economic strength and stability; Sales tax revenue continues to climb, home sales are high and in 2017 new home starts were the highest in 17 years. The community growth … [Read more...]

Bore Sampling

[Read more...]