2018 Annual Board Report (No Financials)

Annual Report for the Website  Fairfield Bay Community Club Annual Report for 2018   Before you turn your attention to the 2018 fiscal summary, the Board wishes to share the year’s program accomplishments, our plans for 2019, and challenges we face.  Much of what we’re doing and planning, as well as what has been accomplished, would not … [Read more...]

From the Board of Directors

COMMUNITY CLUB BOARD ELECTION COMMUNITY CLUB BOARD ELECTION YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT   As a member of the Fairfield Bay Community Club in good standing, you recently received a ballot and information regarding the election of new Board members.   Five (5) candidates are vying for two (2) open seats on the Board. You received a … [Read more...]

Board Meeting Audio File

Audio only from the February Board Meeting.   … [Read more...]

Livestream: September Board Meeting

Just hit the play button on the video below to watch the live streaming video from our September Community Club Board Meeting. Please note that the video will not play until the event has started. … [Read more...]