Community Club Dues And Fees

Community Club Dues And Fees


Among the questions most frequently ask by Club members is “what is the difference between dues and fees.”  Here’s an explanation and the rationale behind the distinction.

Dues are assessed on a lot-by-lot basis. Everyone who owns property pays dues.  Dues represent the cost of managing the Club’s resources and maintaining the amenities.  Thus dues provide a measure of how the Club is being managed year-to-year.  The Club has been able to steadily increase revenues from club-owned business.  This has allowed us to avoid increasing dues during the past seven years.

Fees, on the other hand, are assessed to pay for the actual cost of providing for roads, sewer, and trash services.  We are in the final year of a three-year program that provides a one dollar ($1.00) per month increase in both sewer and garbage service.  Landfill costs have risen more than 30%, and we are replacing old sections of sewer lines, some of which are tiled and more than 50 years old.  The Board does not use fees to increase additional revenue.  All fees are levied on a cost-recovery basis.

Only those properties within reach of the sewer system pay the sewer fee.  All occupied homes area charged for trash pickup.  The Club and City share in the cost of roads.  Your road assessment reflects the Club’s portion of that cost.  Knowing the cost of each service leads to more efficient management and provides a comparison with what similar sized communities spend for these services.

If you have questions or comments regarding dues and fees, please post them on the Members Forum Facebook page.