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General Correspondence
Fairfield Bay Community Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1370
Fairfield Bay  AR 72088
Property Owner Payments
Fairfield Bay Community Club, Inc.
Owner Services Department Payment Center
P.O. Box 1010
Fairfield Bay  AR  72088
* Please include the remittance advice
City Hall   Mayor’s Office
City of Fairfield Bay
P.O. Box 1400
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 72088
Community Club Jobs & Applications 
Human Resource Coordinator
P.O. Box 1010 
Fairfield Bay  AR  72088
The Little Red Restaurant 1-501-884-3800
Indian Hills Pro Shop 1-501-884-6018
Marina 1-501-884-6030
Cool Pool Cafe 1-501-884-6009
Recreation Department 1-501-884-6008
Tennis Center 1-501-884-6008
Woodland Mead Park 1-501-884-6038
Utilities and Maintenance 1-501-884-6020
After Hours Wastewater Emergency Number 1-501-884-6005