Electrical Upgrade to Benefit the Bay

Article on Electrical Upgrade to Benefit the Bay

Electrical Upgrade to Benefit the Bay

The Arkansas Electric Cooperative Association has begun work on upgrading the electrical transmission lines that cross Fairfield Bay from east to west.  Early work on the project has started with a new substation being constructed on private land south of Woodlawn and west of East Cliff.

The Coop Association has purchased the boat fiber-glassing building and the adjacent carwash at the top of the hill on Beaver Street.  Those structures will be integrated into a compound that will become a permanent storage facility for equipment and supplies.

The section where the transmission lines traverse the business district will be impacted very little.  That area will appear much as it does now once the project is finished.

The open strips of land that accommodates the remaining transmission lines will be widened from its existing one hundred feet to one hundred and fifty feet.  Metal poles, similar to those you see as you drive through Damascus, will be erected next to the existing lines.  Much of this heavier work will take place during the fall, after our busy tourist and recreation season has ended.

Once the new system is operational, the old wooden poles and lines will be removed.  While Fairfield Bay residents and visitors may be somewhat inconvenienced by the movement of equipment and materials, two major benefits will come from the project.

Although the existing power lines now carry electricity only in one direction, the new system will allow electricity to flow into the Bay from either direction.  This will both limit the duration of power interruptions and minimize the size of the affected area when power outages do occur.

Secondly, atop the new metal poles will be a high speed data transmission line with three access points to serve the Bay.  This means that both Artelco and SkyFiNet will not have to furnish their own high speed transmission lines.

Questions about the project should be directed to the Fairfield Bay Community Club offices.