Hiking & Biking Trails

Fairfield Bay has miles of trails to explore, with many different options. Beginners to experts will find a piece of Fairfield Bay’s beauty to love time and time again. From a simple wilderness connector trail to traversing around a thousand-year-old boulder (most rocks are infinitely older than that!), to five-mile mountain bike sanctuaries and even our famous Sugar Loaf Mountain island trail, there’s truly something for everyone.

Before you begin your trek, here are some things to know in case of an emergency:

Activate your location services. Know your GPS location and what trail you're on

Texts go through quicker than a phone call when calling 911 with limited service

Drop a pin for 911 emergencies, then stay there

Historic Island Trail

Sugar Loaf Mountain Trail

There are a few historic hiking trails in Fairfield Bay, but there’s nothing quite like the total experience you take in when deciding to climb Sugar Loaf Mountain – Arkansas’ Only Mountain Island Trail.

Shuttle available from Fairfield Bay Marina.

Mule Trail

The Mule Trail has very steep steps, high bluffs, and difficult walking conditions, but you’ll be rewarded for your effort with spectacular panoramic views of Greers Ferry Lake. 

Terrace Trail

From the base of the shore and climbs up to the bluff line and goes around the island, 1.6 miles round trip.

Trails Around The City

Scattered around the city and with many close to parks, golf courses and dining, these trails remind us daily of the natural beauty that is part of life in The Bay.

Indian Rock Cave Trail

This path leads to Indian Rock House, the largest bluff shelter in Arkansas. (Look for the petroglyphs.) The path continues along the Indian Hills Golf Course, rising and returning along beautiful bluffs and boulders.

Rambling Cove Trail

Starting at the big Razorback shaped rock, this trail is fairly flat then slopes down to the shores of beautiful Greers Ferry lake.  A scenic woodland trail with a small cove. Paved trail with ActionFit Exercise Equipment and Fairy Gardens along the way. 

Indian Falls Trail

This beautiful trail runs along the rim of Wild Horse Canyon. The rock formations and two waterfalls make this a serenely peaceful hike.

Woodland Mead Park Trail

Starting at the amphitheater sidewalk in Woodland Mead Park, this beautiful trail meanders through the woods, traversing natural rock formations, soft pines and ferns to connect with the gardens of Ed Leamon Park.

Ed Leamon Garden Trail

A gardener’s delight, this little oasis is home to rose gardens, butterfly gardens and elusive fairy gardens! Developed by Van Buren Master Gardeners, wander or sit under the shade trees.

Lost Creek Trail

Discover nature and a little history as you walk along the creek, traverse rocks, boulders and small caves. Find the historic Thong Tree near half way

Chris Matthews Memorial Trail

Dirt path loop off of the Chamber Trail.