Cassie Lopez

The community raised her, and community is what brought her home. Growing up in Fairfield Bay, Cassie Lopez felt like she was part of something. An inclusivity beyond her own family. Only when she left for college did she learn that all places are not that way. Missing that feeling of connection to those around her is what returned her to the Bay, where she is raising her own son.

Besides the unique sense of community that even visitors notice in Fairfield Bay, Cassie’s love of golf made this place perfect for her. Her father taught her golf at the age of 14 and she has not put her clubs down since. With Fairfield Bay’s Indian Hills course named the #1 resort course in Arkansas by Golf Digest, Cassie is further convinced that there is no place like HOME.

Spending time outdoors is a favorite for Cassie and her two year old son. Right now, he prefers the playgrounds and the trails. But, in the not too distant future, Cassie hopes to teach him, just as her father taught her, the game she loves. In fact, without instruction, he already uses her wedge to hit the ball once they are near the green. Cassie says, “Last weekend he refused to ride in the cart and basically ran 9 holes.” In this case, the apple, certainly, does not fall far from the tree.

After teaching her to play, Cassie’s father coached she and her teammates to a high school golf state championship. “It was the first one my school had ever won. And it is a memory my Dad and I will always share.” Something tells me that Cassie and her family will make many more memories on the links, right here in the scenic community of Fairfield Bay. Home, family, and golf inspire Cassie Lopez. Visit Fairfield Bay with your family. We guarantee you, too, will #GetInspired!