The Dunlaps

Some of the family events held throughout the year in Fairfield Bay would not be the same without the MUSIC. And that music is never better than when it is created by Zac and Hannah Dunlap!


The Dunlaps ARE family at Fairfield Bay. And they say The Bay feels like home. “Music kind of drew us together from the get go, so music’s always been our thing.” Artists are perpetually looking for inspiration. But sometimes, that comes when you stop searching and “get away from it all.” Zac says they were on tour 12 out of 14 weeks last summer. “So, coming to Fairfield Bay is a place where we are able to let loose and get regrounded into our home life.” Hannah says, “We are a full family now. So most of what we do is more family oriented.”


With two young children, FAMILY is a huge part of this musical duo’s inspiration. So, playing Fairfield Bay means combining all their favorites. In the span of a day, (or two when they have their way) Zac and Hannah can take the stage making music together, and spend time with their children doing some of their favorite things. Some trips, that means playgrounds and trails. Others, they spend a day at the Cool Pool and Café. And that’s just the beginning of the family friendly fun to be found in The Bay! Nowhere in Arkansas is better to find family connection, and to #GetInspired. Bring your family and search for your own INSPIRATION this year!