Meet Jeff Gannon

Jeff Gannon

Tackling the Trails

From mountain bikes to road bikes to “gravel grinding”, Jeff Gannon, who enjoys the sport with his family, has done all things cycling. And, Fairfield Bay is one of his favorite places to #GetInspired by the sport he loves. Why? Because at the end of a 158 mile trail he loves (Ozark Gravel Grinder) sits the new Cobblestone Inn and Suites. Complete with a restaurant and spa, what else could you need at the end of your ride?

Gravel Grind in The Bay

“The main thing I like about gravel grinding is you’re out in nature. I just kind of use it to recharge my batteries.” After about 7 years on different kinds of bikes, Jeff and his crew have taken to the gravel to avoid the traffic on roads and enjoy the peace and beauty our Natural State offers. And nowhere is that more on display than in Fairfield Bay. “Riding bikes makes you feel free. It’s just the satisfaction of going somewhere under your own power.”

After the Grind

“We are trail builders by trade. We ride bikes by choice,” Jeff says. They are building a brand new trail, right now, that begins in Fairfield Bay. He prefers Fairfield Bay as a “home base”, not only for the miles and miles of trails available, but for the outdoor spaces to relax with friends after your ride. Jeff and his family enjoy relaxing around a fire pit or over looking Greers Ferry Lake as they rest and recap a day spent on the trails. Whether it’s the new hotel in town, or a condo off the beaten path, you can find the perfect place for your family to unwind after a day spent outdoors.

Are you ready to #GetInspired? Visit Fairfield Bay this year!