Meet Kieran Taylor

Kieran Taylor

You know that “runners high” people talk about? Yeah, me either. But I do believe them when they say it! And, according to experienced runners, Fairfield Bay is a great place to get it!

Family Fun

While he has run competitively for 9 years, my guess is Kieran Taylor has just always run. Since he could walk, anyway. “I can’t imagine my life without it”, he says. Growing up in a family where his parents and siblings are all runners, might have influenced him initially, but pushing his limits and getting that “runners high” are what INSPIRE Kieran today.


 “When I go on a run, all the worries of the day, and of my life, kind of go away, and I get to just focus on the run.” Kieran says. And not only is Fairfield Bay a great place for runners, there are plenty other outdoor activities for every level of athletic ability. Hike to the top of Sugar Loaf and catch majestic views, catch a thrill by jumping from a cliff into the lake, or dare to get muddy while off-roading on the UTV trails. “The possibilities are endless here. I just love coming here to spend some time with my friends. That is how Fairfield Bay inspires me.”

Come visit Fairfield Bay and find your inspiration! Kieran and his friends are so right – the possibilities are truly endless. Bring the family and check out all the outdoor fun Fairfield Bay offers that can help you make those memories and #GetInspired!


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