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Falling in Love with Your New Home.

How to be a dream catcher.

As we look at the type of home we want to build our dreams around, what’s important to you? Homes are filled with laughter, love, and the mouth-water smells of home cooking. And in todays home, we built in some amazing features that help make your home a real “dream catcher”.  So as we enter the month of love, here’s a few things we hope you’ll fall in love with, too, in your new Osage Point Townhome.

THINGS I LOVE #1:  The abundance of natural lighting inside the Osage Point townhomes is just so satisfying.  It makes me feel at ease, relaxed, and comfortable.  It makes me want to sit down with my cup of coffee and simply soak up the rays.  It is a happy feel.  The natural lighting brings a smile to my face in knowing I am helping all of us become just a little greener, in a small way, making all of us better. 

THINGS I LOVE #2:  When natural lighting is not enough and I do turn on the lights, or part of the lights, my smile does not go away.  The entire package of lighting is LED, and it performs wonderfully well and economically, and I know I am helping all of us become just a little greener.  And saving money.

THINGS I LOVE #3:  The environment inside of this home feels so good, and fresh. The temperature, humidity, and air flows are not even noticed, because I am always comfortable.  I don’t hear the systems operate.  Low continuous fan speeds of the HVAC system continuously circulating and mixing of the air and multiple return air locations create a real joyful comfort for me.  And the high efficiency of the heating, ventilation, and cooling operates economically, and I know I am helping all of us become just a little greener.  And saving money.

THINGS I LOVE #4:  The thermostat is just so cool.  When I am home this little jewel is performing it’s magic, and I never have to touch it.  But when I am gone for an extended period, I love this technology.  I access my thermostat from my smart phone and adjust the temperature for my pending return, and, well, read #3 again. 

THINGS I LOVE #5:  “Command Central”, the one room in this home that is the brains for the operations of all systems.  It is so well organized and neatly installed and makes maintenance as easy as A B C, simple as 1 2 3, and sweeter than do, re, mi.   The water heating system, hvac system, electrical systems, communication systems, and entertainment systems all congregate here and are dispersed throughout the home.  Very cool, very neat, very efficient, and leaning on green.  And saving money.

Our homes are moderately priced and affordable.  You will have no expense for exterior maintenance on your building, yard, or landscaping, plus all new appliances, water heaters, heating and cooling system, LED lighting, and extremely low energy costs make this affordable or years to come.

We developed the beautiful community of Osage Point in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas for many of these reasons. We can help you answer these life-changing resolutions. Resolve to call us today. 1-844-99-OSAGE.

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