New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Why?
January 1 – Why?
And guess who has the answers? Thought you’d never guess, of course, it’s me – the mayor of Totr’ville.
January 1 – the Romans changed the calendar to suit them and their god. The Babylonians originally celebrated the New Year in March (at least that’s the closest we can figure, since they had no calendar). March seems reasonable since that is when springs starts – new growth, the planting season, etc. Then the Romans came along and said no we’re not calling it March, let’s call it (the time period) Janus in honor of our God Janus. Janus allegedly had two heads, one looking backward and the other forward. Thanks Julius Caesar.
Resolutions: The Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolution about 4,000 years ago. To think, we have been making and breaking them ever since. The Babylonian resolutions (promises) were to their gods at the start of the year. They, also, would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. They were more motivated to keep their resolutions because it would mean that their gods would bestow their grace on them throughout the following 12 months. If the Babylonians broke them, they would lose favor with their god.
The Romans adopted the concept of resolutions and made promises to their god, Janus. Janus had two heads and could look back into the old year and ahead to the New Year. When the Romans adopted Christianity, they no longer made resolutions to Janus or indulged in revelry. Their resolutions were replaced by prayers and fasting.
In the 17th century the Puritans in Colonial America continued to make resolutions but avoided the associated New Year’s celebrations. By the 18th century the Puritans would not even use the word “January” because it was derived from the Roman god, “Janus”.
Eventually we get to the 21st century. Today we make resolutions for everything from losing weight to being a better person/friend/employee/spouse.
I resolve to send more informative emails and be more “quirky” or is that quirkier.
Happy New Year!!!