Regular Board Meeting April 23, 2019

Bd Regular Meeting April 23 2019






APRIL 23, 2019


            A regular meeting of the Fairfield Bay Community Club Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room.

Directors attending: President Dave Foster, Bill Fisher. Doug Forsman, Nancy Mueller, Rose Shurts, and Tom Welch. Jack Weeks was absent.

Rocky Nickles, General Manager, and Martha McDoniel, Chief Financial Officer, also attended.

There were twelve guests and ten managers in attendance.

President Dave Foster led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The prayer was given by Doug Forsman.

19-26 Motion was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried to accept the minutes of March 26, 2019, as presented.

The financial report was given by Rocky Nickles.

The manager reports were given.

Under Contacts by Owners/Board Mr. Welch reported he was contacted by a member stating UTV’s were being driven down the creek bed on Lynn Creek. Mr. Nickles stated he contacted the Corps of Engineers. It was suggested a cable could be put up. It was decided the Board would discuss in their next work session.

After a discussion regarding the need for road repair on Hanson Lane it was the consensus of the Board to get an estimate for repairs.

Mr. Nickles informed the Board the Property, Equipment and Liability insurance renewal is in May. There will be no premium increase.

Mr. Welch stated he felt Landmark did a very good job on the 2018 audit. Two partners in the company and three auditors assisted in the audit.  There were no concerns, discrepancies and no recommendations.

Mr. Nickles reported the Poker Run held on April 6, 2019 was very successful. There were 120 machines and 240 people attended. It was a good opportunity to raise funds for the Fairfield Bay Volunteer Fire Department. Two condos, one home and at least one vacant lot sold as a direct to people who came here to participate in the poker run.

Mr. Nickles stated one couple that attended the Chicago Relocation Show visited the Bay this past weekend. They looked at homes with a realtor before they left.

Mr. Nickles said the local realtors have told him they need more inventory.

Tom Welch thanked previous boards, as well as the present board, for developing trails and bringing more people to the Bay.

It was stated 70% of the Bay property is owned by non-residents and many are second generation owners. Fewer of these lot owners are paying their dues than in the past.

Dave Foster said that our marketing focus has changed. We have become a recreation destination and a place to retire. The strategy is to market to people within 250 miles of the Bay. The Board welcomes any ideas of ways to connect with people or a suggestion for activities that would attract people to the Bay. Two percent of the Community Club annual budget is spent on marketing.

Mr. Nickles stated attrition is on vacant lots. We must find a way to put value back in the lots.

Paul Wellenberger reported for Team 2035 he stated the bill for the wet/dry issue never made it to the floor; however a bill allowing a micro-brewery did pass. He is in contact with an individual that is interested.

Dale James, Van Buren County Judge, has sent letters to people he felt might be interested in opening a business in Van Buren County.

The Board discussed the advantage of having change from a strictly Accrual Based Accounting System.  Accrual made it difficult to see short-term changes in real time.  Changing to a modified accrual procedure gave the Club good “real time” data to follow the attrition rate.

After the discussion the Board was asked to approve the change to the written document as follows:

Board of Directors: Selection, Term of Office, Duties Section 5 (E):

Currently Reads:

The Board shall maintain the fiscal integrity of the Community Club and regularly review departmental budget performances and evaluation and internal budget controls. The Board shall maintain a balanced budget on an accrual basis.

Will be Changed to Read:

            The Board shall maintain the fiscal integrity of the Community Club and regularly review departmental budget performances and evaluation and internal budget controls. The Board shall maintain a balanced budget on a modified accrual basis. The following accounts will be maintained on a cash basis: dues, sewer, garbage and road fees.

19-27 Motion was made by Rose Shurts, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried the wording change is correct and authorized making the change to the By-laws document.

Mr. Nickles said the Club is working with Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation on a right of way easement for new transmission lines. He said there may be two sets of lines for a period of time and then the old line will be removed.

19-28 Motion was made by Tom Welch, seconded by Rose Shurts, and unanimously carried that the Board of Directors wishes to acquire lots/land when it benefits the Community Club’s best interests and allows Club to provide additional amenities and / or services to Club members.  The acquisition is on a case by case basis. Fairfield Bay Board of Directors authorizes the General Manager to acquire the lots/land only if they are a benefit to the entire Club membership, and a recommendation will be made to the Board by the General Manager for a vote.

19-29There being no further business to bring before the Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried.


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