Regular Board Meeting July 24 2018



JULY 24, 2018




The regular meeting of the Fairfield Bay Community Club Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room at the Indian Hills complex.

Directors attending: President Dave Foster, Bill Fisher, Doug Forsman, Nancy Mueller, Rose Shurts, Jack Weeks and Tom Welch.

Rocky Nickles, General Manager, was also in attendance.


The two three-year term positions were filled by Bill Fisher (re-elected) and Tom Welch. It was reported Dave Foster was selected as the 2018/19 Club President during the executive session prior to the regular meeting.  The remaining officer positions have not been decided yet and will be selected during the next work session on August 16, 2018. The current board officers will remain in place until the next regular board meeting, August 28, 2018.


President Foster led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. A prayer was given by Jack Weeks.


18-74 Motion was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Nancy Mueller, and unanimously carried to approve the regular meeting minutes of June 26, 2018, and the e-mail survey of June 27, 2018, as presented. The Annual Meeting Minutes of July 17, 2018, were distributed to the Board for review only.  The minutes will be presented for review at next year’s annual meeting.

General Manager Nickles presented both the Financial Report and the General Manager’s report.

The 4th of July fireworks were discussed. Tom Welch mentioned there were some problems with access out of the marina area. The problem was not with vehicles, but individuals that were walking and needed transportation. Mr. Nickles said he will meet with the police chief to discuss.

Mayor Paul Wellenberger stated that funding from the high-speed internet grant proposal prepared by Aristotle could take up to a year.

Contacts by Owners: Jack Weeks stated local people are taking the UTV excursion tours.  He said some individuals have said they would prefer a shorter tour in the hot summer months. Mr. Nickles said he will discuss with Rebecca Jenkins about possibly modifying the schedule.

Tom Welch stated that an owner had visited with vacationers from the Memphis area while in Greers Ferry. They were completely unaware of what Fairfield Bay has to offer. Mr. Welch suggested exploring an opportunity to put up a billboard on Highway 64 somewhere east of Bald Knob.

Team 2035 is focusing on identifying economic development ideas for investments for the 22 acres north of the hotel, the mall, and Highway 16.

Deborah Bond, Fairfield Bay Community Fund, stated the Community Fund hosted the Cherokee National Choir on July 3, 2018, with good attendance. The Community Fund met with the Arkansas Community Foundation asking for suggestions how to improve and encourage participation of Community.  A new campaign “Keep 5 in the Bay” will encourage FFB residents to consider leaving 5% of their estate to the Community Fund for the future development of Fairfield Bay.  The Cornerstone Society has 43 voting members and 4 members that do not vote.  The next Board meeting will be in September. There is one grant to consider which was tabled in the July Corner-stone Society meeting.

Mr. Nickles reported the 6 seater UTV’s are being rented slightly more often than the three seaters.

The downed trees on Chelsea Court continue to be an issue. A visit is planned with the owner at the end of August. Hopefully, a plan of action can be agreed upon.

18-75 After discussion of moving the fire boat to an accessible area of the Marina, a motion was made by Tom Welch, seconded by Rose Shurts, and unanimously carried to move the boat to a section of the uncovered boat slips along the shore, adjacent to the parking lot. He is asking for $2,000 to cover that section and put a security gate around it. The Board approved the request.

Tom Welch brought to Board’s attention that the recently hired Chief Financial Officer has rented a condo from him. He will recuse himself from voting on anything relating to her.

The Utilities Department has scheduled a time to clear the area behind the Cool Pool for a better view. There is a pine tree blocking the view, but it is not on Club property. Mr. Welch asked if it would be possible to contact the owner and request approval to remove the tree. This will be looked into.

A work session for the Board has been scheduled for Thursday, August 16, 2018

The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at 3:00 p.m.

18-76 There being no further business to bring before the Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Jack Weeks, seconded by Doug Forsman, and unanimously carried.


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