Regular Board Meeting June 26 2018



JUNE 26, 2018



The Regular Meeting of the Fairfield Bay Community Cub Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room at Indian Hills Complex.

Directors attending: President Jack Weeks, Bill Fisher, Doug Forsman, Dave Foster, and Rose Shurts. Lacey Mitchell was absent.

Rocky Nickles, General Manager and Tommy Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer, also attended.

There were five guests and eight managers attending.

18-61 Motion was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried to accept the Executive Meeting minutes of May 22, 2018, as presented.

18-62 Motion was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried to accept the E-mail Survey of May 23, 2018, as presented.

            The Financial report was given by Tommy Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer.

The Manager Reports were given.

Mr. Nickles reported Cowboy Auto Group will be wrapping a van for the use of the Community Club. The Belle of the Bay will also be wrapped. They do a great job with social media and want to be heavily involved in our events.

There were no contacts by Owners/Board.

Dave Foster reported for Team 2035. The team will meet on July 2, 2018 to gather ideas that might be attractive to investors who want to have a storefront at the Bay. Paul Wellenberger stated the hotel investors are interested in economic development .They will be here soon to look at the twenty-two acres between the Conference Center and the Presbyterian Church. Some ideas being considered are a splash pad, zip lines, and other retail ideas. They are considering placing a steak/seafood restaurant in the hotel. They will also apply for a liquor license.

Deborah Bond, Fairfield Bay Community Fund, stated the Cornerstone Society met on May 24, 2018.  She reported the request for funds for the Wi-Fi study, and for the Cherokee Youth Choir housing and meals was approved. One request will be re-addressed and one was tabled until more information can be obtained.

She said the goal of the Cornerstone Society is to connect people who care with projects that matter. They are the third leg of the stool and want to partner with the City and Club to improve Fairfield Bay.  When you purchase a brick you become a part of the Cornerstone Society. The bricks are placed in the walkway at Ed Leamon Park. She said the Fund is fortunate to have an Arkansas Community Foundation that provides legal support.

Mr. Nickles stated he Club is working with the owner of the lot where the trees were downed on Chelsea Court.

18-63 He stated a grant will help the Bay greatly to find a solution for the lack of Wi-Fi. The City will pay $3,333 toward the cost of the feasibility study and is asking the Club and the Community Fund to match the $3,333. A motion was made by Doug Forsman, seconded by Bill Fisher, and unanimously carried to make the contribution.

18-64 In order to meet the requirements for lower fire ratings the Fire Department needs to locate a tanker truck at each of the Bay’s three fire stations. The City is requesting a one-time contribution in the amount of $5,000 to share in the cost.  A motion was made by Nancy Mueller, seconded by Dave Foster, and unanimously carried to make a one-time contribution to the Fairfield Bay Volunteer Fire Department in the amount of $5,000.

18-65 Dan Feuer presented a proposal for Lake Area Sports. They want to purchase more equipment in order to cover more games per night, increase revenue, increase readership for Lake Area Weekly and increase online sales. They will have Corporate Sponsorships and Team Sponsorships for a total of $22,230 in revenue. A motion was made by Bill Fisher, seconded by Rose Shurts, and unanimously carried to approve this capital request.

18-66 There being no further business to bring before the Board, a motion was made by Bill Fisher, seconded by Dave Foster, and unanimously carried to adjourn.




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