New Members

We would like to welcome you to Property Ownership at Fairfield Bay!
If you are a new property owner:

  • Our records will be changed accordingly, upon receipt
    of your recorded deed.
  • A membership package will be mailed to the address
    that is provided on the deed.

Instructions for Regular Membership form-Please fill out the following information:

Your name, billing address, e-mail address, what type of billing cycle preferred, payment
option preferred (Automatic check draft or written statement).
At anytime you can Download Automated Clearing House (ACH) form.

Make This Your Last Check Payment!

Instructions for Automatic form:

  • In order to setup your account for this payment option,
    your account must have a zero balance. You will also need your property
    number, Id number, start date to fill out the form. Please contact an
    Owner Services Representative, so we may provide you with this
  • Please fill out your name and your complete address.
  • Your property Owner ID#
  • The total amount of the draft.
  • Billing Cycle: Please state what billing cycle is
    preferred: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or Yearly.
  • The Start Date.
  • Download Automated Clearing House (ACH) form here once
    you have All the information needed to fill out the form and determined
    that the balance on your account is a zero balance.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) form here

Contact Us

General Correspondence

Fairfield Bay Resort & Community
Owner Services Department
P.O. Box 1370
Fairfield Bay AR 72088

Payments Only

Fairfield Bay Resort & Community
Owner Services Department Payment Center
P.O. Box 1010
Fairfield Bay AR 72088
* Please include the remittance advice


Toll-Free: 1-800-285-9885
Local: 1-501-884-6010