September news update


Monday, September 7, Saturday September 12, Wednesday September 23,

Saturday September 26


Do the above dates hold any significance for you? Hopefully they do.


Monday, September 7th is the last unofficial holiday of the summer. It’s also Labor Day. Thanks to all the workers who labor so we can enjoy our free time and our modern conveniences. The first Labor Day was celebrated September 5, 1882. Don’t stop the trend now. It might just catch on not laboring on Labor Day. Be a part of the movement to not labor.


Saturday, September 12 is CLEAN IT UP” day. Grab your gloves, trash bag, and get your boat out and Cleanup the Lake. The Lake, Our Lake – Greers Ferry Lake provides us many hours of fun. Saturday the 12th is also Bayfest in our mall. Visit the vendors and enjoy a good time.


Wednesday, September 23rd – is the fall equinox. Can you believe it? The days are going to start getting shorter. Fall will be here. The National Weather service long range forecast is for a high of 95⁰ F – still warm enough for a day on the lake or a round of golf or just lazing in the hammock in the backyard.


This one should be easy Saturday, September 26th. If you don’t know go to the back of the boat. Hint – can you paddle a boat? Of course, it’s PADDLE BATTLE!! Dust off the kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard and start paddling. Paddle Battle is designed to bring people to the lake and marina in the boating off season. The day consists of kayak, canoe and SUP races over 3 race courses, 5, 3 & 1 ½ mile. Come join the fun, enjoy the music and the food. Again the National Weather service predicts/make a guess that the high will be 92⁰F, not quite cold enough for the fur coats, bikinis are questionable.paddle-main2